Norfork & Western Steam Locomotives

A few examples of the Roanoke-built steam locomotives of the Norfolk & Western Railway.

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The #603 "J", just one of many steam locomotves built in the N&W's Roanoke Shops that spent much of their lives racing across the coalfields of southern West Virginia.

When this photo was taken in the late-1960's, who would have thought that the 611 would run again? But then, in the late-1980's, who would have suspected she'd not be running in the 21st Century?

The Powhatan Arrow speeds along the New River near Narrows, VA towards Bluefield. From there, she'll continue her journey through the coalfields on her journey to Cincinnati.

A classic array of N&W "modern" steam power, from left to right: #600, #1203, and #2123. All three were built in by the N&W Roanoke Shops.

In 1948, the N&W shops were still turning out new Mallets from their Roanoke Shops, like #2171 show in this photo, despite the fact most other railroads were purchasing diesel-electric locomotives.

Steam made it's "last stand" on the N&W, but the end came in the late-1950's. Most were quickly scapped, but as late as the 1970's, a N&W Mallet could be seen rusting away in a scrap yard near Shaffers Crossing.



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