Railroads: Oak Hill, WV

Railroads operating in the Oak Hill, WV area included the White Oak Railway, the Virginian Railway, and the Norfolk & Western Railway.
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In the late-1960's a single Fairbanks-Morse Trainmaster was usually found on the siding behind the Oak Hill Depot.

N&W #171 began its life as Virginian Ry. #71, being built in April 1954 and classified as Class DE-RS on the VGN.

FM #171 shuttling hoppers through Oak Hill - During the 1960's, N&W crews picked up cars of coal from C&O crews at Carlisle, delivering the loaded cars to the New River Co.'s Lochgelly cleaning plant.

#171 "runs around" a string of about 20 "loads" near Oak Hill Depot - After cleaning, the coal that originated from the New River Company's Siltix mine, was loaded back into hoppers and then taken back by N&W crews to the Carlisle siding.

As the N&W engineer rev's up #171, preparing to head back with his "loads" to Carlisle, a couple of boys run along side the train.

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