Railroads: Thurmond Depot

The restored passenger train station in Thurmond, WV, located in the heart of the New River Gorge, serves as a museum and visitor center operated by the National Park Service (NPS).

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Although the cost to restore the Thurmond Depot was quite high, the photos of the finished product is proof that the money was well spent!

Another view of the restored Thurmond Depot, showing the railroad bridge across New River. Thousands of tourist visit the old depot each year, gaining insight into the region's important role during the Industrial Revolution.

On the 2nd story of the Depot, the interior of the Dispatcher's Office has been fully restore, and includes a "dummy" Dispatcher.

On the west end of the Depot's 2nd story, the Yardmasters Office overlooks the Thurmond West Yard and has been restored with authentic furniture, fixtures and equipment from the era of the early-1900's.

On the Depot's ground-floor, the Ticket Master's office has been restored with authentic fixtures and even includes a manikin dressed in the C&O uniform of the period.

On the 2nd-floor, the Trainmaster Office is now filled with near life-sized photos of people who once worked in the historic town of Thurmond.

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