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Additional photos from the historic railroad town of Thurmond, WV.
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Great quantities of coal still moved through Thurmond, WV until the 1970's - photo circa early-1970's.

For decades a long series of camp cars stretched along the tracks at Ballahack, near South Side - early 1980's.

A crowd gathers at Thurmond Depot in anticipation of the day's passenger trains - Nov.10, 1907.

Scores of people greet one of the many daily passenger trains in and out of Thurmond, WV - Jan.10, 1909.

A local passenger train prepares to depart Thurmond, WV on the railroad's Loup Creek Branch - circa early-1900's.


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Thurmond, WV Railroad Structures - Photo Gallery


Thurmond Coaling Station

West Virginia Railroads

Visit our sister site WVRailroads.net for history, news, photos, and links related to the railroads of West Virginia.  At WVRailroads you also can download  scale drawings of the Thurmond Coaling Station, Thurmond Depot, Thurmond Engine House, and Thurmond Yards.

Early History of the C&O --A Web page from Historic Mount Hope  provides a brief historical sketch of the early history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. The WVa-USA.com site also provides a history of the C&O's Loup Creek Branch and histories of various shortline railroads of the area.




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